EN. Games: Arena Colossei is back on Kickstarter

This ancient Rome gladiator board game, whose miniatures were produced by OrcoNero, will be back on Kickstarter in a totally renewed crowdfunding campaign. The launch of Arena Colossei™ on Kickstarter is scheduled for 11 November 2020.

One year later, Arena Colossei™, designed by Aldo, Fabio and Giada Ghetti, returns on Kickstarter on 11 November 2020 with a totally renewed campaign. Gladiators will enter the most famous arena in the world, the Colosseum, even more determined than before. Sir Chester Cobblepot and OrcoNero Games have worked hard and treasured their previous experiences, everything to improve the product offered to their fans.

Limited Edition

This time, Arena Colossei: Ludi Gladiatorii™’s big red box will contain the full game for two to six players without implementing expansions. The campaign will follow industry standards more closely and its structure will be simplified. However, one major factor will remain unchanged: it will be a limited edition, and if you do not buy it through Kickstarter, you will not be able to find it in stores through normal distribution channels.

FightHex System

Arena Colossei™ is the first game based on the FightHex System™, an ingenious way to make miniatures move and fight on a battlefield featuring an hexagonal grid, thanks to the synergy of special miniature bases, original Movement cards and user-friendly Combat tiles. After just one round of play, any player is ready to withstand the pressure of the arena.

Strategy and tactics

Incredibly simple rules but an impressive tactical depth: players interface with their miniature and is transported into the arena, moving and fighting in a fully immersive experience never before achieved by such simple rules. Simultaneous actions create unpredictability and longevity: the level of adrenaline is such that the player will feel just like a real gladiator.

Crowd Favor

After learning the ropes, the system allows you to play both in Duel mode, which recreates the classic gladiator battle in the arena, the one most appreciated by the audience of imperial Rome, and in Melee mode in which two Ludus (i.e. two gladiatorial schools) face each other. In both cases, you compete for Crowd Favor, to win the challenge you have to win over your audience.

A beautiful experience

The first season of Arena Colossei™ introduces up to eight different gladiator styles: Samis, Gallus, Thraex, Mirmillo, Retiarius, Secutor, Hoplomachus and Provocator. Each gladiatorial figure features four different experience levels: Gregarius, Primus Palus, Veteranus and Heros. From the rookie to the hero of the arena, adored by the public.