EN. Games: Do you know Arena Colossei?

Arena Colossei™ is aimed at fans of board games and history. Produced by Sir Chester Cobblepot for OrcoNero Games and presented through Kickstarter, it is a fighting board game set in the ancient Rome of Gladiators.

Aldo Ghetti is the father of Fabio and Giada, to whom he passed on his passion for wargames and History. Together they have developed, with great passion and competence, Arena Colossei™, which laid the foundations for an entire game system. The game traces the entire history of the gladiatorial games from the Roman conquest of Samnium and Gaul to the glories of the imperial period.

All the most famous gladiators

All the most famous Gladiators will enter the arena, each with specific techniques and equipment, in full respect of History but without losing sight of the goal of being a very fun and equally competitive game. The core set contains all six most representative gladiator figures: the Samnite, the Gaul, the Thracian, the Myrmillo, the Retiarius and the Secutor.

Strength, courage and determination

Just as they did in reality, these professional fighters follow precise rules of combat. Structured to ensure maximum performance in terms of quality and spectacle, the challenges between gladiators embodied the symbol of the virtues that had made Rome great: strength, courage and determination. Arena Colossei™ is now a must-have for those who love gladiator combat.

Simple and immediate

Every game element is simple, immediate, intuitive and historically accurate. At first glance, the hexagonal grid of Arena Colossei™ may seem like something you've already seen, but after trying it out, you will have to think again: it's bound to be better than any fighting game you've ever played.

Engaging and immersive

Realism and simulation are perfectly integrated into the system, without useless technicalities and maneuvering, making you so engaged in the game that by the end you will feel the dust of the arena on your skin. You will be surprised by all the differences between every gladiatorial technique and over time, you will come to like fighting as one gladiator rather than another.

Secrets revealed

The secret of Arena Colossei™'s mechanics lies in the miniature bases, exclusively designed for the FightHex System™. Each miniature has an appropriate base in which everything is highlighted for combat. Each Gladiator's equipment is unique, and the more protection it provides, the more it limits visibility. This information is always available on each base.